Corbin – Hero of the Month

Name: Corbin
Age: 7
State: North Carolina
Facility: Presbyterian Hemby

Hero of the Month Boy

We have chosen Corbin as Presbyterian Hemby Children’s Hospital’s Hero of the Month for June. Corbin is a 7 year old male that was admitted to the hospital with cellulitis of his right knee. He was playing outside last week when he scraped his knee. His mom thought it was a regular scab or cut but it became more swollen and tender while at the beach. It began hurting when he walked so mom took him to the doctor. The doctor referred him to the hospital. While he has been inpatient, he has received an XV, antibiotics and had a MRI. The MRI showed an abscess and questionable osteomyelitis. An orthopedic doctor has been consulted and will follow up with him.

While in the hospital, Corbin has enjoyed playing video games and meeting all the nice people. Though he was very brave, he did not like getting an IV because the nurses had to make several attempts. Corbin is looking forward to going home so he can play his Playstation. He also is looking forward to being able to play football and baseball as well as going on a family vacation this summer.

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