Bradley – Hero of the Month

Name: Bradley
Age: 16
State: North Carolina
Facility: Presbyterian Hemby

Hero of the Month Boy

We have chosen Bradley as our Hero of the Month for March. He is a 16 year old male who was diagnosed with intractable headache. Bradley has had a number of years of headache problems. His headache issues have lead to multiple admissions and continuing headaches despite trials of multiple preventative treatments. He has been seen by different neurologists and neurosurgeons in and out of town. Bradley has had several different tests done and tried a selection of medicine, but experienced no true relief from any of his medical treatments. He describes his headache as pounding all ever his head. He has been out of school for a number of months and not even doing his homebound education for weeks.

Since he has had no response to previous acute treatments for headache pain, he is being sent home and referred to a specialized headache clinic. He is encouraged to return to school and his normal life as much as he can tolerate.

Bradley talks constantly about singing and music. That is what he enjoys the most in life. While in the hospital he did not like the food or the crying babies. His mom brought him most of his meals. At home he is looking forward to sleeping in his own bed, and getting some uninterrupted sleep.

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