Arden – Hero of the Month

Name: Arden
Age: 14
State: Indiana
Facility: Lutheran Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Arden (Ardy) is a typical 14 year old who loves movies, games, and hanging out with his family & friends. Ardy was very active and involved in a lot at school and the community. He has had multiple extended hospitalization stay due to gastrointestinal issues. He has continued to struggle with infection, recovery, and had to get a permanent line placed for the I. V. medications and a feeding tube placed for nutritional reasons. He has had issues with Failure to Thrive throughout his life and to gain weight had to get a g-tube placed to help with continuous feedings. Most recently he had abdominal pain and had to have surgery on an umbilical hernia. All of the GI issues have caused huge changes in his lifestyle and general habits that a “normal” teenage would experience.

He will return to us for follow-up but this nomination and it will help him tremendously! He has been very discouraged and has missed lots of school and some family events. He has had to deal with a lot of post-op pain and is very angry he has to keep experiencing more medical procedures for nothing more than a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. He is a very compliant patient and cannot understand why he keeps having more problems!

Ardy has had the traumatic experiences of a PROLONGED hospitalization, lots on long days of treatments and therapy sessions, and distance from his family and friends!

Ardy deserves a great big cheer up and 1 think this is a great way to allow him some control in a situation that he has been totally unable to control! We are excited to nominate him to your wonderful program. Thanks in advance for your consideration of him.

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