Amelia – Hero of the Month

Name: Amelia
Age: 5
State: Ohio
Facility:Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

We would like to take this opportunity to formally nominate Miss Amelia for December’s Hero of the Month. Amelia is an inspiring five-year-old who captures the heart of everyone she meets. In her five years of life she has endured more than most adults will ever have to or be strong enough to. Amelia lives with a number of debilitating diseases and conditions that challenge her everyday, including spina bifida, neurogenic bladder, myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus chiari malformation, and tethered cord. She has had thirty-two surgeries and a tracheotomy related to these and other diagnoses. In fact until a year or two ago, Amelia was not able to talk or walk. But because of her perseverance she has overcome these challenges and is a cheerful well-adjusted kindergarten student who speaks instead of using sign language, and who can walk with leg braces, although she is often seen in her wheelchair, too.

Despite pain. IV lines, catheters, and other medical equipment Amelia often needs when she is in the hospital, she frequents the playroom to paint and play whenever she can and she loves to watch Barney videos. She knows the hospital routine, medical lingo, and the details or her medical issues well beyond a typical five-year-old’s level, and she can usually explain exactly why she has been admitted to the hospital yet again, We feel Amelia is a perfect candidate for hero of the month because of the grace and bravery with which she handles the pain and challenges she deals with on a daily basis, and because of her extensive medical history that has led to countless hospital admissions. Thank you for the opportunity to provide this child with this wonderful opportunity!

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