Alexander – Hero of the Month

Name: Alexander
Age: 15
State: Texas
Facility: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Alexander “Sasha” April 2007 I would like to recommend 15-year-old Alexander as the April Kids Wish Network’s Hero of the Month. Alexander, know by his nickname “Sasha,’7 is from an orphanage in Russia and has come to the United States for treatment of bilateral tibial hemimelia. Because of his condition, Sasha has used a rolling scooter (similar to a dolly) for mobility. He has also been able to walk on his knees, but has never been in an upright stance at a normal height. Earlier this year, he had bilateral knee disarticulations and has recently begun walking for the first time in his life. This has been his first time to experience the world at his full height, and you can imagine bis joy.

When he first arrived in the United States, Sasha did not know any English, but since that time, his vocabulary has grown greatly. He works hard to learn English and uses his limited vocabulary to the fullest. He is remarkable in his ability to adapt from an orphanage in Russia to his host home and the Hospital here in the United States. He is the most positive and upbeat young man I have ever worked with and has a great outlook on life. For all that he has been through and his incredible attitude with such enormous change, I would like to nominate Sasha for Hero of the Month.

Thank you for considering Sasha for Hero of the Month!

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