Abram – Hero of the Month

Name: Abram
Age: 14
State: Hawaii
Facility: Kapiolani Medical Center

Hero of the Month Boy

I am nominating Abram for Hero of the Month for the complications he has gone through and the positive attitude he has kept throughout it all. He was a perfectly healthy boy active in football until falling out of a mango tree and breaking his femur and radius. As postoperative complications, he developed rhabdomyolysis (muscle death) of hifl leg leading to renal failure and a compartment syndrome requiring emergent surgery on the non-broken leg- He also developed a urethral tear during a foley catheter insertion. What started as a simple fracture turned into a very complicated case. Throughout his hospital course, he has always been a great pleasure to work with. Being groggy after surgery from pain medications, he refused to press his morphine pump despite the pain because he knew it changed his mental state and affected his mood. After a return to his normal mental status, he felt really bad and apologized for any burden that he may have been to the medical team. Abram is a great example of a change for the better after such unfortunate events have occurred.

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