A Tribute to Rocky


As I sit here in my office, I look around and I am surrounded by the smiling faces of my family, friends and pets. I gaze at their pictures and I remember all the things that are important in my life. The reason I’m sitting here is because I am reflecting on an amazing life that I had the pleasure and privilege to share: that of my beautiful German Shepherd, Rocky.

He was the Kids Wish Network unofficial mascot. He brought warmth and joy to even the darkest days. He was wonderful and will always be remembered.

His name was Rocky, though he was also known affectionately as “Mr. Trouble.” He was the biggest, sweetest, smartest and most mischievous dog anyone could ever have met.

He was with us here at Kids Wish Network when we were just a fledgling charity and together we grew.

No one in the office could resist his happy charm and he couldn’t resist the people; he also couldn’t resist all the food that the employees brought with them. He had a grand old time using his amazing talents to open drawers to get to a plethora of sandwiches and other tasty human treats, much to everyone’s dismay and amusement.

Not only was Rocky a friend to the people here, he was also a great friend to the other dogs who joined their “parents” at work now and again. One dog in particular, an 8 lb Pug named Tootsie, just loved chasing the 110 lb Rocky around the office. It was quite a sight to see that little dog keep the huge Rocky on his toes…I mean paws!

As our unofficial Kids Wish mascot, Rocky seemed to understand his duty and took it upon himself to keep the directors on the top of their game. If he saw anyone getting out of line, he put them in their place or made sure they were put in “the doghouse!” (As you can see in the picture! 🙂


If you were feeling down and you ever needed someone to go to, Rocky would have been top on your list because he was always there with his patience and quiet almost human understanding. He knew when you needed some fun to take your mind off of your troubles and he knew when you just needed a nice furry shoulder to lean on for support.

At home, Rocky was Mark’s and my best friend, loving confidant and the stalwart defender of our children. He certainly thought of himself as the leader of the pack and he really enjoyed that role, taking it to heart. He was truly a gentle giant.

In having Rocky, he taught me a lot over the years. Innocence and unconditional love were such a big part of his character.

With animals and children alike, both the love and forgiveness they show are valuable and that is something that we must learn to keep with us. As we get older, we tend to forget and, by having them around, they help us to remember the importance of these qualities.

Unfortunately, with the greatest sadness, Mark and I recently had to make the difficult decision to part ways with our dear, sweet canine companion after he suffered through an unbearably painful ordeal. Rocky was a very special dog and we were blessed to have had him in our life. We were also blessed to have been able to share him with everyone and we thank you all for your outpouring of kind words and loving support during this trying time.

Thank you for your support,


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