Taylor ‘Kicks It’ with LA Galaxy Forward, Landon Donovan!

Name: Taylor
Age: 14
State: OH

Wish Kid

Fourteen-year-old Taylor’s biggest passion in life is soccer. He loves to play the game and watches every televised match that he can. Nothing can stop him from enjoying soccer, not even his condition.

At birth, Taylor was diagnosed with pulmonary atresia. This is a condition in which the pulmonary valve is closed, causing a disruption of the flow of blood from the heart to the lungs. At fourteen days old, Taylor’s doctors placed a shunt in his heart to oxygenate his blood temporarily. After the surgery, however, he started experiencing heart attacks and, at eight months old, Taylor endured a heart transplant. Every year Taylor must suffer through a heart biopsy as well as a heart catheter in order to assure adequate blood flow to his lungs. In addition, he has had four sets of tubes placed in his ears to assist in hearing.

While in California, Taylor not only had the chance to meet the LA Galaxy Forward, he also got to watch a practice session for the team’s big match against the New York Red Bulls the next day! Of course, meeting Landon Donovan was definitely Taylor’s dream come true.

Taylor and his family had the closest seats possible during the big match and, following the Galaxy’s big victory, Landon headed over to Taylor, took of his game-winning jersey, and handed it to his dedicated young fan. His meeting with the soccer star and the big game following are two of many things that Taylor will never forget.

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