Tanner Makes a “Splash” at KeyLime Cove!

Name: Tanner
Age: 7
State: IL

Wish Kid

In February of 2007, Tanner was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a condition which caused a cancerous tumor to grow on his liver. Tanner immediately underwent six long months of aggressive chemotherapy treatments and later had a liver transplant. Tanner had an extremely difficult time with his chemotherapy, which caused a reaction to his legs and left him in casts for weeks. Tanner takes daily anti-rejection medications.

At KeyLime Cove, Tanner enjoyed the enclosed tube slides, but his favorite part of the park was the arcade. Once he found that, his mother said, he spent the majority of his three days playing games and winning tickets. In fact, he accumulated so many tickets that he “won the stuffed horse he had had his eye on. He started playing on Friday, and by Saturday night, he’d won enough tickets to get it,” said Tanner’s mother, Pam. His persistence paid off and got him his new “pal,” now lovingly named Caramel.

The entire trip went so well for Tanner that “he didn’t want to leave,” said his mother. “Tanner had such a great time…we had a very nice weekend.”

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