Spencer’s Caribbean Cruise

Name: Spencer
Age: 12
State: OK

Wish Kid

Spencer has Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is a disease that makes the body’s blood vessels and organs prone to tearing. In addition, Spencer also has bilateral hip dysplasia and has suffered through reconstructive hip surgery for this condition. After the surgery, Spencer was in a full body cast for six weeks and had to endure yet another surgery to remove the rods, screws and plates in his femurs. Spencer bruises very easily because of his condition and will most likely have to have his hips replaced in the future.

For his wish, he just wanted to have some quality “down time” with his family onboard a tropical cruise. Once on the cruise, the captain and crew gave Spencer and his family “100 percent VIP treatment” as they gave them tours; brought them backstage after the show on their first night at sea; and even sent milk and cookies for the family to enjoy every night.

In the Bahamas, Spencer had a blast swimming with dolphins and playing on the waterslides at the Atlantis resort with his family; it was like living in a fantasy world. Of course, now that they’re home, it’s a bit like waking up from a wonderful dream: “Ok. Back to reality, fantasy’s over!”

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