Ryan – Hero of the Month

Name: Ryan
Age: 5
State: Amarillo, TX
Facility: Richard G. Balke Children’s Rehabilitation Center

Kyle Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month boy

Ryan is a kindergartner at Carver Early Childhood Academy in Amarillo, TX. He was born with a condition called Phocomelia. Children affected with Phocomelia often have shortened or missing arms or legs. Though Ryan is not missing any limbs, they are extremely shortened. When he was born, doctors informed his mother that he would never walk, but he proved them wrong because he is not only able to walk, but walk very well! In fact, he often scares people when he walks fast down those ramps at school! After many surgeries to correct these abnormalities, he told his mother he did not want any more surgeries. However, his spirit has not lessened despite all that he has had to go through. He has one of the biggest and brightest smiles and is always so excited to begin his therapy sessions. People say he maintains this positive disposition all day long. Ryan is our two-foot tall inspiration!

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