Michelle Splashes into Summer!

Name: Michelle
Age: 11
State: IL

Wish Kid

Michelle struggles daily with a number of complicated medical problems. She has what is called atopic disease, which results in severe allergies, skin inflammation and respiratory difficulties. Michelle’s condition is particularly serious and her doctors say they have never seen such a severe case. She has numerous allergies and is in constant danger of going into anaphylactic shock. Michelle must wear a mask in public and is home schooled due to the high risk of being exposed to any substances that she can have a reaction to. Her skin is incredibly sensitive and burns easily when coming into contact with sun and chemicals.

Cindy, Michelle’s mom, said that it’s been tough for Michelle. “She’d go outside but there was really nothing for her to do. And swimming was hard because the chlorine would just eat at her skin.”

Now, thanks to her very own saltwater pool, Michelle is enjoying the summertime months just like all the other kids her age. And Cindy said it’s perfect for her skin. “It’s not only fun for her but beneficial medically too!”

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