LaKesha Met Keyshia Cole

Name: LaKesha
Age: 4
State: IL

Wish Kid

Four-year-old LaKesha is a very spunky little girl with an outgoing personality and a bright smile. She’s a great little singer and just adores recording artist and reality TV star, Keyshia Cole. LaKesha also enjoys trying on all sorts of pretty clothing and collecting stickers.

LaKesha was born with sickle cell disease, a disorder in which the red blood cells created in the bone marrow have a difficult time passing through the body’s blood vessels to reach the body’s tissues. Those suffering with this disease experience severe episodes of pain and eventual organ damage; they are also at high risk for stroke and cardiac arrest. LaKesha experiences extremely serious pain episodes and is on pain medications. She has battled with pneumonia four times and has also dealt with the stress of multiple blood transfusions, ultrasounds and has been in and out of the hospital most of her young life.

After enjoying a day of fun activities in St. Louis, LaKesha, her mom and her twin sister were picked up in a limo and whisked away to R&B singer, Keyshia Cole’s concert. LaKesha sang every song and danced every chance she got.

When the concert was over, LaKesha and her family were escorted backstage to meet the singer, who showered the little girl with gifts and hugs. Keyshia signed autographs and had some great one-on-one time with little LaKesha, whose wish was really granted.

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