Kaylee – Hero of the Month

Name: Kaylee
Age: 7
State: Springfield, MO
Facility: Cox Health Systems

Kaylee Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month Girl

Kaylee and her 9 year old sister were spending the day with Grandma. They were driving down Hwy 5 when their vehicle was side swiped by an oncoming 14 wheeler. Kaylee and her grandmother sustained multiple injuries. Her sister made it out with minor cuts and bruises. Kaylee was flown to our Emergency Department where it was discovered that she had a degloved forehead, skull fracture and an injured arm. She underwent surgery where it took one trauma surgeon and one plastic surgeon to reconnect her skin between her forehead and just above her eyes. She had numerous stitches and staples placed in her forehead, and then was brought to the PICU. She stayed there for 5 days receiving treatment, trying to recover from this traumatic event. She was unable to see for about 3 days due to facial swelling. During her time here, Kaylee didn’t complain and was extremely complaint with her medical treatment. She is a true Hero!

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