Kayla Has a Blast in Orlando!

Name: Kayla
Age: 13
State: MI

Wish Kid

In 2000, thirteen-year-old Kayla was diagnosed with a condition known as neurofibromatosis. This condition causes tumors to grow anywhere on or in the body. It can also lead to enlargement and deformation of the bones and scoliosis. Kayla struggles daily with a number of complications of the disease. She has a tumor wrapped around her liver and one that grew on her chest wall resulting in scar tissue on her lungs. Kayla is on various medications and must be monitored carefully by her doctors.

Despite all of the pain and discomfort she endures, Kayla is one of the most kind-hearted young ladies you will ever meet. Her bright eyes and beautiful smile convey this to everyone she meets and every animal she pets. Speaking of animals, Kayla’s gentle nature has lead to a desire to become a veterinary assistant.

The best part of the trip came when Kayla was escorted to the dolphin pool at Sea World and had the chance to pet the dolphins. The interaction with the intelligent animals was something that Kayla will treasure for years to come. Another highlight of the wish came when she got her picture taken with Scooby Doo at Universal Studios. Kayla had so much fun in Orlando, but her absolute favorite part of the trip was just being a normal teenager.

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