Kassidy’s Fun-Filled Trip!

Name: Kassidy
Age: 10
State: WV

Wish Kid

Kassidy has Angelman syndrome. This is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by frequent laughter or smiling, intellectual and developmental delay, sleep disturbance, seizures, jerky movements, and usually an extremely happy demeanor. Kassidy can only communicate through sign language and pictures. Just last year, Kassidy was also diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, which is a cancerous malignant tumor that occurs in the liver. Since her diagnosis, Kassidy has undergone chemotherapy to shrink the tumor to an operable size and endured surgery to remove some of it. Since the surgery, she has suffered through more chemotherapy treatments and is on a daily medication regimen.

Kassidy and her family really enjoyed the magical Disney fireworks at the Disney World Resort and both the Mummy and Men In Black rides at Universal Studios. However, Kassidy had the best time at the Pirates Dinner Adventure. There, she was asked to stand up and wave to the audience when she was introduced as a V.I.P. “She was just beaming,” said Kassidy’s mother, Lucy. “She was so happy they said her name!”

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