Juan’s Shopping Daze

Name: Juan
Age: 9
State: GA

Wish Kid

Nine-year-old JWhen he was just two, Juan was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy; he is the third in his family with this diagnosis. Duchenne is one of the most progressive forms of muscular dystrophy and is characterized by extremely rapid deterioration of the muscles. The disease begins by primarily affecting the legs and pelvis and later affects the entire body. Juan has endured multiple surgeries for his feet and is already wheelchair dependent.

When it came time for Juan’s wish, his entire hometown pitched in to make the day extra special for him. This included the chance to sit in and rev up a real racecar, a DJ, a cake, a gift basket and plenty of other goodies and surprises to keep him entertained for months to come!

That day, a beautiful limo arrived to pick him up for a trip to Wal-Mart for his big day of shopping. Waiting for him were some representatives of the local media, plenty of smiling faces and even the mayor! Once he got into the shopping mode, Juan could hardly control his excitement: “He shopped for about three hours,” said his mom. “He had an awesome time.”

According to his mother, Juan bought everything but clothes. Only some of the things he picked out for himself were Playstation 3 games for his system at home, toy cars, a Nintendo DS, games for that and movies galore.

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