I want to Visit the Set of Desperate Housewives

Name: Katie
Age: 15
State: MI

Wish Kid

Seventeen-year-old Katie lost her father in a plane crash that also broke her arms, legs and pelvis and almost took her life. She had to be resuscitated multiple times during surgery after the crash, and she endured many months of painful rehabilitation to regain the ability to walk. Katie’s wish to visit the set of Desperate Housewives and to meet her favorite characters was recently granted, and she brought home memories to last a lifetime.

Excitement was in the air as Katie arrived at the set, where she was given a tour of Wisteria Lane prior to the cast’s arrival. She then watched in awe as Eva Longoria exited her trailer and joined fellow cast member, Felicity Huffman, on the set. From Katie’s vantage point behind the cameras, she watched the day’s scenes unfold in front of her, just as she had imagined. After the director yelled, “Cut!” she was first approached by the aforementioned ladies of Wisteria Lane and then by Kyle McLaughlin, James Denton, Neal McDonough and Ricardo Antonio Chavira, who all graciously chatted with Katie and her family.

“Ricardo was so nice, and showed me pictures of his kids. Kyle was hilarious, trying to take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the [set’s] kitchen,” Katie said of meeting two of her favorite characters.

Katie’s adventures also included red-carpet access to a movie premiere, a trip to Universal Studios Theme Park, the Hollywood Wax Museum and a tour of celebrity houses including the homes of Eva Longoria, Lauren Conrad, as well as the adjacent dwellings of amicable exes Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, and a $30,000/month rental occupied by Michael Jackson.

“It was an amazing trip!” said Katie’s mother, Kelly. “There had been such a void since Katie’s dad passed. Michael was the one who would plan family trips. I feel like my daughters and I were really able to bond on this trip because we could just relax and have a good time. Our wish coordinator, Madeline, did such a great job!”

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