I Want to Visit a Ranch and Attend a Rodeo!

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 9
State: OH

Wish Kid

Nine-year-old Elizabeth is an incredibly bright little girl who loves riding her pony and caring for her pet bunny rabbits. Her favorite color is pink and she collects horse statues. She loves all animals and loves to run and play kickball. She is always giggling and grinning and loves to stay busy all the time.

Elizabeth was born with a heart defect known as cardiomyopathy, which is a deterioration of the heart muscle. At two days of age she was put on a list for a heart transplant. After waiting for six weeks in the hospital, she received a new heart. Elizabeth did well with her new heart until she was about six years old at that time she went into cardiac arrest and it was determined that she had developed coronary artery disease in the new heart. She was again put on a transplant list and spent four months in the hospital. She was sent home to await her next transplant. In June of 2006 her family received word that there was a heart available for her. After a seven hour surgery she had a new heart. Elizabeth had quite a long recovery and has since developed the Epstein Barr Virus but has made great progress and is doing well at the present time. She must take daily cardiac medications and was recently hospitalized with pneumonia.

One thing that always cheers Elizabeth up is spending time outside riding on her pony! This special little girl’s wish is to visit a ranch and attend a real rodeo!

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