I Want to Meet Mickey Mouse!

Name: Hunter
Age: 4
State: IN

Wish Kid

Born three months early, Hunter spent his first year of life in the hospital battling an illness called Hypogammaglobulinemia. He was placed on a ventilator and had a tracheotomy to assist his breathing until he was almost three-years-old. He uses a feeding tube, receives weekly blood treatments and has had numerous surgeries in his short life.

For his only wish, Hunter wanted to experience all the fun to be had in Orlando, Florida. While there, Hunter had a blast visiting Sea World, Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. He rode plenty of rides and even enjoyed the cool soaking he got on Splash Mountain, much to the chagrin of his waterlogged parents.

Of course, out of everything he experienced in Florida on his wish trip, the one thing that will stay with Hunter the longest will be the memory of meeting his longtime hero, Mickey Mouse.

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