I Want to go to Disney World!

Name: Zachary
Age: 5
State: AR

Wish Kid

Zachary is a vivacious little guy who loves adventure. Even at the young age of five, he is already quite a fisherman and one of his favorite pastimes is going four-wheeling. He’s a big fan of the monster truck, Gravedigger, and he enjoys playing baseball and watching football on TV with his dad. His favorite action heroes are the Power Rangers and Ben 10: Alien Force, and his favorite movie is Cars.

The only thing that has slowed down this energetic, young outdoorsman is a form of eye cancer called Bilateral Retinoblastoma, which has caused tumors to form in the retinas of both his eyes. Doctors treated Zachary with chemotherapy right after his diagnosis at six months of age, and he has since endured numerous surgeries as well as radiation to remove and shrink the tumors. He must now wear dark sunglasses when he is outdoors and has developed a cataract on his right eye, both as results of the radiation treatment. Despite the obstacles he’s faced while battling cancer, Zachary remains happy and full of life.

Zachary had a blast at Disney World!

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