I Want to go to Disney Land

Name: Xianeli
Age: 4
State: TX

Wish Kid

Four-year-old Xianelli is a sweet little girl who likes a good day of pampering. Like many girls her age, she likes to get dressed up and to have her nails done. Her favorite TV show is Sponge Bob, and she collects butterflies and princesses.

This little character has a mind of her own, but it isn’t easy for Xianelli to express herself because she suffers from a genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Her muscles don’t receive the signals that her brain is sending to them, so she is very weak and unable to walk or use her hands very well. Her lungs are affected so she must use a ventilator and a suction machine, and her oxygen level must be monitored. She has had a tracheotomy and is unable to speak without the help of a computer-aided system. She is fed through a tube and feeding pump. Xianelli is confined to a wheelchair and has developed scoliosis. There is currently no cure for SMA and it is a progressive disease.

This little girl’s wish is to visit Disney Land and to meet Mickey and all his friends. We can’t wait to see what wonders await you in California, Xianelli!

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