I Want My Very Own Electric Guitar

Name: Kadie
Age: 14
State: NC

Wish Kid

Fourteen year old Kadie just loves music. Her favorite artists are Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers. She started playing guitar before her illness confined her to her bed and wants to pick up where she left off after her next surgery in March. Kadie is also an avid photographer and makes lovely scrapbooks. She’s a very optimistic and bubbly young lady who just loves her life and the people in it.

Before she was even born, Kadie was diagnosed with spina bifida. This is a neural tube defect that occurs when the spinal column fails to close completely, resulting in spinal cord nerve damage. By the time she was 4 days old, Kadie had endured 5 surgeries. In addition, she has hydrocephalus, which causes fluid to build up around her brain. From 2007 to 2008, Kadie suffered through 24 more surgeries, including the insertions of rods in her spine. After the surgeries, she developed a severe infection from the rods and her back had to be reopened in order to clean out that infection. During January of 2008, the process was repeated every other day in order to prevent the infection from spreading. This March, she is scheduled for yet another surgery, this time to replace all of the hardware and rods in her spine.

Kadie just LOVES her new cherry-red guitar and amplifier set. She simply can’t wait to continue lessons!

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