I Want an eBay Shopping Spree!

Name: Jonathan
Age: 18
State: AZ

Wish Kid

Jonathan is an outgoing teen who loves to listen to music by DJ Tiesto. He enjoys playing video games and watching his favorite movie “The Fast and the Furious.” Jonathan is a big fan of racing, and he also likes to watch skate boarding and martial arts events. Math is his best subject in school, and he also enjoys spending time with his pets: a dog and two birds.

Almost three years ago, Jonathan noticed that he had a lump in his abdomen. It was diagnosed as a Desmoid Tumor. This is a tumor that grows in different parts of the body, and is often accompanied by Gardner’s Syndrome, which is a disease in which tumors form in various places. He underwent a surgery to remove the tumor, and what was initially a six-week hospital stay resulted in Jonathan being hospitalized for one year. Jonathan endures chemotherapy every two weeks. The treatments and surgeries have resulted in a leak in his intestine, which will require additional surgery to fix.

When Jonathan was asked what his one wish would be, he requested an eBay shopping spree. Get ready to out-bid all those buyers, Jonathan, because you are getting your wish!

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