Elizabeth Gets Connected!

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 14
State: VA

Wish Kid

Before Elizabeth was born, doctors informed her parents that she had suffered an intraventricular hemorrhage, or bleeding in the brain. The condition has left her with cerebral palsy and seizures, and she is legally blind. Despite missing half of her brain, Elizabeth is in the eighth grade, but she must utilize low-vision devices at school. She has endured orthopedic surgery on her arms and leg to correct some of the spasticity caused by her cerebral palsy. Due to paralysis that sometimes strikes half of her body, Elizabeth utilizes a wheelchair at times.

After using a laptop at school, Elizabeth’s one wish was to have a laptop of her very own. Along with the computer, she received a brand new printer and a special software package that will work with her lower level of vision to help her view the screen.

So far, Elizabeth has thoroughly enjoyed watching DVDs on her laptop and she can’t wait to get connected to the internet so that she can enjoy her favorite website: YouTube!

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