Dalton’s Dolphin Swim

Name: Dalton
Age: 8
State: IL

Wish Kid

At fifteen months of age, Dalton was diagnosed with Encephalopathy. This is a condition characterized by altered brain function and structure usually caused by diffuse brain disease. Doctors have not yet been able to determine the exact origin of the disease in Dalton and have been searching for years to uncover the cause of his condition. Dalton has difficulty speaking and uses a walker and braces to get around. He has undergone several spinal taps and MRIs amongst various other tests in an effort to discover the cause and proper treatment for his case, and done so with extreme courage.

On Dalton’s big day, he started out a little nervous. “They (the dolphins) were just so big,” said his mother, but his dolphin, Leo, “was the cutest, sweetest thing” and “so patient” with Dalton. After that, Dalton even got a chance to go parasailing with his dad, which he really enjoyed, surprising both his parents and his older brother. Dalton truly had a fantastic time in Florida!
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