A Little Disney Magic Goes a Long Way

Name: Shailynn
Age: 9
State: OH

Wish Kid

Within the first year of her life, Shailynn was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. This is a chronic disease that causes mucus buildup to clog various organs including the lungs, pancreas, liver and intestines. The condition often leads to life-threatening lung infections and also interferes with food absorption. When she was six, Shailynn was hospitalized for two months because of problems with her treatments, which are twice daily treatments with both a nebulizer and a percussion vest. She is on a rigorous daily medication regimen and must take enzymes before eating to ensure that the nutrients are absorbed properly.

Shailynn and her family visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom during their four day stay and they enjoyed every second of every day.

“Everything was new to them [Shailynn and her sister],” said Shailynn’s Aunt Cyndi. “They loved everything and they were in awe…their heads were in the clouds! The whole trip was a blessing. There were so many moments where my heart just swelled to see them so happy…more kids should be able to enjoy that.”

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