A Blast at Disney World

Name: Ryan
Age: 18
State: IL

Wish Kid

Ryan was born with two holes in his heart and has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. He has been in and out of the hospital for much of his life and has suffered through surgery to have a stent placed within one of his heart’s valves. Ryan relies on a wheelchair at times and endures frequent breathing treatments using a nebulizer machine.

Ryan is a huge Disney fan and his greatest wish was to visit Walt Disney World in sunny Florida. Just recently, Ryan had his wish granted with Kids Wish Network. While in Orlando, Ryan and his family visited Universal Studios, Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At Universal, Ryan had a ball and, as a real treat, even met one of his all-time favorite characters, Spiderman!

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the pinnacle of Ryan’s trip came when he met his “life-long heroes,” the Power Rangers. The characters made sure to stick around to spend some extra time with the teen, who showed off his Power Ranger poses for the heroes and had the chance to shake the hands of his all-time favorites. Ryan was the “star” during his trip and the shine has yet to wear off!
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