Bear Grylls and Cody: A Tale of Two Survivors

Name: Cody
Age: 9
State: New York

Cody Meets his Hero

Cody Meets Bear Grylls

When he was only a day old, Cody was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease. This is a condition in which there are no nerve cells in certain organs. In his short ten years, Cody has undergone over 70 surgeries to correct and treat his ailment. He has had most of his large intestine removed and must have constant IV fluids. For the past two years, Cody has been fed via IV, but is now trying to adjust to eating food by mouth. Later this year, he must endure yet another surgery on his intestine and he was recently hospitalized and had to endure two blood transfusions.

As soon as Bear Grylls walked into the room, he and Cody struck up a conversation. By the time they had to part ways, they still hadn’t stopped talking. Meeting his hero was everything Cody had ever dreamed of and more!

In addition to wanting to talk to Bear, Cody also had a few things that he wanted to give the adventurer including a NY hat, some homemade cookies and a throwing star that he carved for his hero out of sticks and put together himself. In return, Bear brought a personalized book that he wanted to give to Cody. It was definitely a wish come true.

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Wishes Granted

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