Carly Visits the Set of “NCIS”

Name: Carly
Age: 15
State: Wisconsin

Carly's NCIS Wish

When she was 11, Carly woke up one day with a neck ache and within an hour she was being life-flighted to the hospital after she stopped breathing. Upon waking in the hospital, Carly found that she could no longer walk, could barely talk and could not move her arms and legs. Her doctors determined that she had suffered a blood clot in her spine that caused a severe spinal stroke, leaving her a quadriplegic.

In the years since her initial hospitalization, Carly has worked hard at various therapies and rehabilitation clinics to regain her abilities to talk, move her body and even walk with the assistance of a platform walker; Carly has come a tremendously long way.

For her wish, Carly got to visit the set of her favorite TV show, “NCIS.” While on the set, Carly was able to enjoy a special tour, meet actor Mark Harmon and actress Pauley Perrette (who play Carly’s two favorite characters), eat lunch on set and even watch the taping of an episode.

During the set tour, Mark Harmon took Carly to the “interrogation room” set of “NCIS” and made her part of a special interrogation!

As for Pauley Perrette, according to Carly’s mom, “she was just amazing. Abby [the character played by Perrette] is Carly’s favorite character and it was just amazing for her…the girls made a scrapbook [showing Carly’s story] and Pauley was amazed and interested in it all. She was so sweet.” Pauley also said that the scrapbook would make an appearance on the desk of her “NCIS” character Abby in the future and that Carly should watch for it.

To top it all off, Carly was given a special “NCIS” hat worn only on the show as well as a shirt from Pauley Perrette’s “Abby” wardrobe. For Carly, the whole thing was a bonafide wish-come-true!

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