Local Teen Honored as a Hero

Lexington, KY—A teen from Lexington has been chosen as a recipient of Kids Wish Network’s “Hero of the Month Award” by Kosair Children’s Hospital for risking his own life to save a friend. The Hero Program was created by the charity to help children who have experienced a life altering and often traumatic situation.

During a family outing on a boat with his girlfriend’s family, something terrible happened. In an act of heroism, Lester, a 14-year-old boy, was sucked under the boat by the motor, severely injuring his leg.

Lester was watching his girlfriend’s brother—who was knee boarding—when he saw the board flip up and hit the boy in the head. The boy was bleeding and unconscious, so Lester sprang into action.

“I looked at my girlfriend’s dad’s face and my girlfriend’s face and it was just kind of sad. So I decided to jump in and save him,” Lester said.

Lester reached the injured boy, and was in the process of pushing him up on the boat, when the motor sucked him in, and sliced his leg.

“He suffered three major wounds. One wound fractured his fibula and another one of the wounds ruptured the nerve that runs from the foot to the leg. The surgeon had to reattach that nerve so Lester could walk,” said Lester’s dad, Carlos.

Carlos said that Lester is making good progress, but still has limited movement. The doctor told him that the healing process will be slow, and could take up to two years until Lester has full movement again.

“The important thing is that he got to keep his leg. It will just be a matter of time until he will be able to do as much as he used to,” Carlos said.

Kids Wish Network works with over 100 children’s facilities across the country, and each month one child from each facility is nominated as a hero. Each of those children is then recognized as that facility’s “Hero of the Month” and receives a medal, a certificate of honor, a gift card valued at between $200 and $500—depending on the child’s age—to buy whatever they wish for, and a Hero of the Month t-shirt.

Kosair Children’s Hospital nominated Lester as their Hero of the Month for July.

“I thought the award was great but I wouldn’t have thought that would happen to me,” Lester said. “When I heard about it, it was basically the only positive thing that happened to me, so I was excited.”

Carlos said that once he had time to let everything sink in, he was amazed at what his son did.

“I was blown away by what he did. He is one of a kind,” he said. “And the nomination has really increased his self confidence.”

Carlos plans to use his gift card to purchase things for the upcoming school year.

“I want to get stuff for school: clothes, shoes, books and stuff like that,” said Lester.

Kids Wish Network is a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to infusing hope, creating happy memories, and improving the quality of life for children. Aside from granting wishes, Kids Wish Network also has several other programs which benefit children’s care facilities. If you know a child between the ages of 3 and 18 who may be in need of its wish granting services, please call 727-937-3600 or toll free 888-918-9004. For more information on Kids Wish Network, visit their website at https://www.kidswishnetwork.org


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