Cleveland Boy has Wish Granted through Kids Wish Network and Local Sponsors

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A teen with a life-threatening illness had his wish for a laptop granted with a few extra surprises.

When De’Vante was only a few weeks old, he was diagnosed with having a blood disease called Sickle Cell Anemia. This condition causes frequent debilitating pain crises and may lead to organ failure and even the possibility of strokes. De’Vante often experiences severe episodes of pain that land him in the hospital for up to 10 days at a time.

During one of these hospital stays, De’Vante’s mother, Nyeisha, was talking with a social worker when children’s charity Kids Wish Network was mentioned. Nyeisha asked the social worker about it and she said that the organization might be able to grant a wish of De’Vante’s. Nyeisha wanted to give something to her son to make him smile, so she decided to give the charity a call.

After telling Wish Coordinator Jill about her son, Nyeisha was pleased to find out that Kids Wish Network could grant De’Vante’s wish. It was her chance to help give back to her son who had suffered so much.

Jill told De’Vante that he could wish for practically anything he wanted and he replied that he only wanted a laptop so that he could go online. With the help of Kids Wish Network Wish Funding Specialist Megan, and some outstanding local sponsors, Jill organized an unforgettable wish for the teen.

On Tuesday, De’Vante walked outside and saw a limo waiting on the street. “I thought it was for somebody else,” he said. When he found out that the limousine was waiting to take him to Best Buy to fulfill his wish for a computer, he was speechless.

“It was perfect,” said De’Vante.

Nyeisha accompanied her son to Best Buy in the limousine to pick up the laptop that was waiting for him. When they got there, they found out that there was another surprise as well: a printer! Not only that, but Vision Net Ltd. also agreed to set De’Vante up with an internet connection!

“He had the time of his life,” said Nyeisha. “This is definitely what he wanted…he loved it.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following for helping to make De’Vante’s wish extra special: Energizer Battery, Fraternal Order of Police #8, Best Buy Store 162, First Class Limos, Inc. and Vision Net Ltd.


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