Scott – Hero of the Month

Name: Scott
Age: 14
State: North Carolina

Hero of the Month

We have chosen Scott as our “Hero of the Month” for August. He is a 14 year old rising ninth’ grader that was adopted at birth. He was at a Boy Scout Camp playing soccer and Frisbee in the 90 degree heat when he complained of a headache and collapsed to the ground. He was pretty much unresponsive and could not talk or move. After being checked out by the camp doctor, he was airlifted to the closest hospital and then transferred to Presbyterian.

Scott then had an MRI/MRA showing that he had had a stroke involving deep structures and decreased blood flow in his right carotid artery. In the right side when the carotid artery connects to the brain Scott had a clot, which caused a stroke. Because the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body he had left sided weakness and facial drooping on the left side. The facial drooping had caused Scott some difficulty with his speech. Since Scott’s been in the hospital his headaches have been relieved with Tylenol, and he is getting anticoagulant therapy (shots).

His most recent MRI/MRA shows that the clot is shrinking and his brain is getting more blood flow. He has been working with physical therapy to regain his fine and gross motor skills, and will go home with shots that prevent further clots from forming.

In the hospital Scott likes his nurses, prizes, and being waited on. He is looking forward to going home and playing with his dog “Toby”, spending time with his friends and playing his video games.

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