Wish Kid Quentin Is Headed to the Slopes

Quentin is the kind of kid that loves school and would never miss a day. He started to complain about daily headaches, but passed it off as seasonal allergies. But then, Quentin was too sick to go to school. A CAT scan gave the devastating reason for the headaches. Quentin had a brain tumor, and surgery was needed. At the time, his father was deployed with the military. The surgery was held for a few days so his dad could be at his side. Biopsy of the tumor led to the diagnosis of posterior fossa ependymoma, tumors that develop from abnormal cell growth, and treatment was radiation five days a week for more than a month.

Six weeks later, Quentin was antsy to get back to school. Seen by many as a natural leader, Quentin’s goal in life is a career in public service, and with all his extracurricular activities, he is working hard towards it.

Quentin also has his eye on Colorado for some skiing and sightseeing.

Kids Wish Network can’t wait to make that wish come true for Quentin; check back for more details about his wish!


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