Wish Kid Camdyn Has a Full Day of Shopping In Her Future

In February of 2009, Camdyn’s mother began noticing her daughter was losing weight at just five years old. Camdyn’s grandmother suggested a doctor visit after she noticed Camdyn was exhibiting common symptoms for a child with a metabolic disorder. Camdyn’s health tests showed her levels were off the charts from what is normal for someone her age. Camdyn was immediately admitted to the hospital where her mother began to train herself on how to help her daughter with this condition. Camdyn received a pump that administered Humalog insulin but unfortunately still experienced some seizures. It was later discovered that her pump had been malfunctioning and causing these seizures. Since the pump was replaced Camdyn’s levels are doing much better, but she still struggles with everyday life.

Camdyn is very artistic and enjoys drawing and taking part in theater. She is also a member of her local Church Youth Group. Described as laid back and mature, Camdyn’s favorite thing in the world is spending time with young kids. She helps at the nursery of her church and aspires to be a physical therapist for small children one day. Camdyn loves all types of clothing styles and enjoys taking part in the art of shopping.

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