Berlin’s Vision Loss Was a Precursor to her Diagnosis of MS

For Berlin, it began when she lost vision in her left eye. It took three trips to the emergency room because of continually losing her vision, before her family was finally instructed to have Berlin see an optometrist. The optometrist came back with a diagnosis of Optic Neuritis or an inflammation of the optic nerve. This illness can be associated with multiple sclerosis, so a CAT scan and MRI were ordered.

Tests results showed lesions on Berlin’s brain, combined with an abnormal spinal tap led to the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), a progressive disease that involves damage to the sheaths of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Berlin was in the hospital for a month while she received a plasma exchange where blood cells are separated from plasma, mixed with a protein solution, and placed back into one’s body. Every 28 days, Berlin receives IV transfusion. She also has physical and occupational therapy.

Like many her age, Berlin likes listening to the music of One Direction and Rhianna, watching Walking Dead on TV, and being connected to the internet. And of course, she loves to shop for clothes and shoes.


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