Behind the Scenes with Emily

“She is missing parts of her brain”

As a baby, Emily struggled to meet developmental milestones and accomplish basic motor skills. Noticing the abnormalities, Emily’s parents took her to the doctor. A CT scan showed that Emily was actually missing parts of her brain. Emily was diagnosed with schizencephaly, a very rare malformation of the brain. This occurred as the result of a stroke while Emily was still in her mother’s womb.

Because of her condition, Emily is unable to walk, talk, crawl, roll, or stand. She uses a wheelchair and is completely dependent on her healthcare aide as well as her parents to care for her and meet all of her basic daily needs. To communicate, Emily mostly uses her iPhone and iPad. She can type, point, nod, and shake her head.

Despite her life-threatening illnesses, Emily is as determined as ever to lead a “normal” life. She has a smile that lights up the room and an infectious laugh. Emily paints and writes short stories in her spare time. Though difficult with her limited mobility, she also enjoys taking pictures. It is Emily’s dream to work on a movie or television set one day. More than that, she hopes to attend college in the future. Currently, you can find Emily at home playing cards with her family or helping them train their new 6-month-old cavalier spaniel puppy to be her service dog.

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